About Us

Retest is the one-shot solution to check the functioning of your computer’s input devices- Keyboard and Mouse.

Retest is a free online software that checks the keys of the keyboard and the buttons of the mouse quickly. It is regularly updated and highly compatible with your devices. Retest can be used to test the input devices of any and every brand.

Using the Retest is extremely simple and efficient. You just have to select the mode of input device you want to test.

For keyboard- You can check the keys by pressing them one by one. If the key on the screen depicting the original key on your keyboard is lit, it means that the particular key is working correctly. And if the depicting key shows no response, it means that your device has some fault. You can then replace your keyboard with a new one.

For mouse- It is similar to the testing of the keyboard. You can click anywhere on the screen to check the left click and right click of your mouse. Also, with Retest, you can test the scroll button of your mouse as well. The depicting buttons of the mouse on the screen will light up if the mouse is working appropriately.

Retest doesn’t need any software to be downloaded on your system. It further assists your computer by saving the valuable space on your hard drive. With Retest, you don’t require the help of a professional to check your keyboard or mouse. You just need a proper connection to the internet and that is it to test your input hardware at any time of your need.