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Are you looking for an electronic repair shop for your compromised keyboard, webcam, mic, and speakers? But, wait before you do so, test them online. Most of the issues with Apple hardware are easily detectable and can be resolved at home. Retest provides a comprehensive platform to detect the health of keyboard, webcam, mic, and speakers irrespective of software glitches and hardware-independent problems.

Retest offers a 100% free solution to diagnose the integrity of the aforementioned hardware. Further, while diagnosing the hardware, we keep your privacy secure and don’t store input data or patterns. To know more about terms and conditions, please go through our policies page.

To test your hardware online, follow the steps given below-


With Retest, you can quickly and easily check the keys of your keyboard online. Also, the platform provides you an option to diagnose non-displayable keys like F1, F2, etc. To test the keyboard, simply follow the steps given below

  • Input the keys from your keyboard
  • Corresponding to the input, a key will be lit in the keyboard layout displayed on the screen.
  • If the key doesn’t light up on the screen, contact your nearest electronic shop to repair or replace the keyboard.

Retest offers a standard keyboard layout to check all of the keys present on Apple keyboard. Additionally, you can also check the viability of your external keyboard having a PS2 and USB port using retest.us

Mic And Speaker

Inbuilt mic and speaker play a crucial role while working from home and participating in an online meeting. Speaker also enables you to listen to music, watch online videos, and much more. You would not want them to malfunction in between your work or leisure time. But somehow, if they do stop functioning; check the mic and speaker online with Retest.


To test the mic, simply click on the mic test. Try to speak into your mic. If you see distortion in the lines on the screen, your mic is working correctly. Else troubleshoot the problems or visit a technician before that important meeting.


For speakers, you can play the video that is embedded on the website. The video can be used to test the video and audio playback of Apple.


Along with the input and output devices, you can also check the health of your battery with Retest. The battery check provides you overall power usage, battery charge, and other essential points. You have to run the battery health check, and Retest will return with mentioned crucial analytics. Performing a battery check will give you an idea of when to replace your battery so that you don’t end up with a dead Apple.

The tests come in handy when you are facing software glitches more than hardware problems. If these tests don’t produce positive results, we highly recommend you seek technical help before it is too late.