Posted on: 13 September 2021

Best keyboard Tester Online In 2021

Best keyboard Tester Online In 2021

Choosing reliable keyboard testing software is essential to test the functionality of your keyboard correctly. Not just it, many online testing softwares check the integrity of a laptops mouse, mic, battery, webcam and other hardware.

To help you select the best keyboard testing software, please read our list given below-


A comprehensive hardware testing software present online,, provides testing of each key on your keyboard. The keyboard layout is of standard format and is highly responsive. Further, the software and its keyboard layout is highly customizable according to various popular brand available on the market. That is not it. also provides the testing of mouse (left, right and scroll click), inbuilt and external microphones, laptop’s webcam, and health of the battery. It has an integrated feature that tells you about the percentage of keys working on your keyboard effectively.

2. Passmark KeyboardTest

A name that can be trusted for providing advanced stats about your keyboard’s functionality. Along with impressive keyboard testing software, Passmark keyboardTest can be counted on to determine the delay (lag) and release time (depress). The software also efficiently checks the backlit found in advanced keyboards. The backlit can be checked for the level of intensity and their lights. Additionally, left, right, and scroll buttons on the mouse can also be scrutinized.

3. KB Tester Utility

As another tester in the list, the KB Tester Utility is also very accurate in testing the keyboard of your laptop. It simplifies the various keys present on your keyboard by providing lots of options. The keys can be seen spaced apart for better visibility.

Why online testing of keyboard is beneficial?

With online testing, you save highly on technician fees and time of visiting an electronic shop. Further, you can also solve many issues yourself at home, eliminating the need for a technician in the first place. With these testing softwares, you can easily locate the malfunctioning key and see if the solution is present online or not.

These softwares are free and can be accessed from any brand of laptop and web-browsers. Not just laptop keyboards but also USB or PS2 extension keyboards can also be checked easily with these softwares. These softwares are compatible with all make and model of keyboards irrespective of their layout, brand, types, etc. So, next time you face any issue with the keyboard, ensure to check it with these softwares yourself first.