Posted on: 30 September 2021

Top ways of fixing the scroll of your external mouse

Top ways of fixing the scroll of your external mouse

With technological advancement, the mouse has become an indispensable part of our computers. Imagine playing your favorite RPG game without using a mouse or gaming console. Most of the gamers use the scroll of the mouse for switching between their primary and secondary weapon. The scroll is also useful while surfing the internet or writing a critical blog on the word. A component this essential should always be in a top-notch condition. For mouse testing online, you can always use our easily accessible and highly responsive free software.

Reasons behind a failing mouse

The most common causes for a mouse to behave inefficiently are low battery, dirt and dust, and incompatibility with the OS (operating system). Also, a mouse can face some mechanical issues, which can lead to a faulty mouse.

Most of these problems can quickly be resolved at home.

Therefore, if you are facing any problems with the scroll of your mouse, try the following tips to troubleshoot the issues with your mouse:

Plug-in again

Usually, the best way to solve issues with electronics is reconnecting the device and restarting the system. Hence, whenever you find that the scroll is not working, disconnect your mouse’s USB and restart the laptop. Once done, reconnect the device, ensure that the USB is connected correctly, and check again. Doing this will resolve most of the software issues caused due to the interruption in the working of mouse drivers.

Cleaning the dirt

Dirt and dust can seep in through the cracks between the buttons and the scroll. Dust can cause various problems with the mechanical part of the mouse. One of them is the slipping of the scroll without the expected response. To avoid such faults, make sure to occasionally clean the scroll with a soft cloth and gentle hands.

Change the batteries

Electronic equipment is highly current sensitive; therefore, a dead battery may cause the mouse to dysfunction. In such cases, the best solution is to replace the old batteries with the new ones. You can also invest in rechargeable batteries and further reduce your expense in the long run.

Touchpad faults

Sometimes the water droplets from our coffee cups or wet fingers can fall onto the touchpad and disrupt its functioning. So be vigilant enough to find the trace of such liquids on your touchpads. If it is visible, wipe it off with a clean cloth.

Drivers update

Technology keeps on changing, so does the hardware and software of the computers. It is not unusual that new hardware doesn’t go with the old software. Therefore, operating software companies regularly update their software and drivers from time to time. So you must check the current version of your drivers and compare it with the one present in the market. It is necessary for you to keep your drivers up-to-date at all times.

Troubleshoot and settings

Many third-party software manipulates the functioning of the drivers. Hence, if you encounter issues with the mouse, ensure using the troubleshoot option of your operating system.

Sometimes, the ports or motherboard of your computer can be at fault. Therefore it is recommended to plug your mouse into different ports before reaching any conclusion. You can also connect other devices to ensure if your mouse is broken or there is some other issue lingering in the computer.

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