Posted on: 30 September 2021

Try these simple tips if your keyboard is not working

Try these simple tips if your keyboard is not working

For any computer, arguably, the most essential input device is its keyboard. One can’t imagine writing a document, playing games, or surfing the internet without a functional keyboard. But unfortunately, the keyboard can stop working at any point in time. The issues with faulty keys can be related to either the software or hardware problems. It can be a real hassle when you have some important article to write and a deadline to meet.

Hardware or software?

Most of the time, it is an issue with the software that leads your hardware to behave erratically. You would not want to spend extra on getting your laptop’s keyboard replaced when it is a minor software glitch. To check it, you have to enter the BIOS of your laptop. This can quickly be done by rebooting the laptop and repeatedly pressing Delete, Esc, or F8 key (whatever works for your computer) from the start. Once you have entered the BIOS, try to navigate it with your keyboard. If you can do so, your keyboard is just fine and it is a minor software issue. Otherwise, you are facing a hardware problem.

Solving with a restart

Restarting your computer can solve a lot of issues that might be worrying you seriously. Rebooting the laptop closes all the third party software and restarts every driver once again. Also, you can run your system in safe mode. It will not solve the glitch permanently, but you will be able to finish the assignment on time till you eliminate the problem permanently.

Driver’s patches

Drivers are crucial for establishing an environment for the hardware to interact with the operating system. Any mismatch between their interactions will result in the dysfunction of the hardware. The same is the case with the keyboard. Therefore, laptop manufacturing companies develop specific drivers for a particular model of their laptops. They also keep on updating these drivers and fix various bugs. Hence, make sure to check the version of your laptop’s drivers and be updated with the current version.

Run-on AC supply

If you have a detachable battery in your laptop, try to remove it and run your laptop on the AC supply. It is possible that the battery has gone weak and cannot provide the necessary charge to the hardware. It is recommended to change your battery if the keyboard works on the direct supply.

Clean with care

Usually, dirt and dust find their way in between the keys of your keyboard. This may interfere with the pressing of the keys and their interaction with the keyboard’s rubber dome and membrane. Hence, try to dust-it-off by inverting the laptop and giving it a good shake. You can also use a cloth and cleaner to remove the dirt off the keyboard effectively.

After following the tips mentioned above, you can finally perform the keyboard testing online with If still, the problem persists, you should get it checked with an expert. It may be possible that there is some other major hardware issue with your laptop. So it is a must for you to get it tested by a professional.