Posted on: 30 September 2021

Typical problems with your USB keyboards and their practical solutions

Typical problems with your USB keyboards and their practical solutions

Unfortunately, there are thousands of ways in which anything can go wrong. The same is the case with the hardware of your computer. Any event of a simple coffee or liquid spill on your keyboard can render it non-functional.

Let us discuss some of these cases in which your keyboard will stop working:

Misconnection and rogue cables

Any weak connection between the USB port and your keyboard is a common problem that easily goes unnoticed. As the electronics are highly current sensitive, any misconnection between the laptop and keyboard will result in a non-working keyboard. Also, sometimes the cables get unintentional cuts from sharp objects that disconnect the keyboard from the laptop.

Port issues

With the advancement in technology, USB ports keep on changing these days. Modern USB ports have better connectivity and faster data transfer rate. But due to innovation, various compatibility issues arise. To avoid such issues, it is recommended that you know about the port type of your laptop before buying it a new keyboard.

It is also seen that USB ports develop faults over time. Therefore if your keyboard stops functioning, try to connect it via other ports before buying your laptop a new accessory.

Old driver version

Not only the hardware but also software matters a lot when compatibility is concerned. The manufacturers come up with new updates of drivers now and then. You can compare your driver’s current version with the version present in the market. If the version is not up-to-date, you can visit your laptop manufacturer's website and download the latest version.

Dead battery

Before anything else, you should make sure that the battery still has adequate charge left in it while using a wireless keyboard. Overtime, the battery gets weak, and the keyboard gets unresponsive or functions with a lag. Therefore, before trying anything with your hardware or software, replace the batteries of your wireless devices.

Bread crumbs

It may sound strange, but bread crumbs and other small particles finding their way into the keys result in hard keys. This cuts the connection off between the buttons and the membrane of the keyboard. So ensure to regularly clean your keyboard with a soft cloth and efficient cleaner. You can also invert your keyboard and give it a good shake to remove these particles from your keyboard.

Third-party software glitches

Many third-party software that are installed in your system cause problems with the drivers. Further, they may affect the functioning of your input devices. Rebooting solves many errors in your computer. Hence, if you encounter issues with the keyboard, try to restart your laptop and recheck it.

An essential component like the keyboard should always be maintained in an excellent shape.

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