Posted on: 13 September 2021

How Online Keyboard Testing Is A Smart Choice

How Online Keyboard Testing Is A Smart Choice

Have you written your documents in a flow only to find that a certain alphabet is not showing? If this is you, you should definitely test your keyboard’s functionality online. Many of the time, the keyboard have unnoticed yet easy to resolve issues. These issues can easily be detected and solved in no time. In case you are going to call your technician or visit an electronic shop to get your laptop's keyboard checked, please read this article fully.

Why do you need to test your laptop keyboard online-

Over time, not just our keyboard but the laptop as a whole faces a lot of challenges. Our careless attitude once the laptop dates a bit, malicious files, background functions, loose connection etc., there are ample reasons for things to go wrong. The question remains, how to detect problems in your keyboard and troubleshoot it yourself?

Test it online

The first step to the solution is the detection of the problem. To find if all the keys are working or not, you should check your keyboard online with free tools like Here you can press the keys from the keyboard, and correspondingly, if it is working properly, a light would be lit on the keyboard being displayed at the LCD. If not, there is some issue with the keyboard.

You get an added advantage with an online keyboard tester that you can test non-accessible or non-displayable keys like F1, F2, F3, PgUp, etc.

System hang: There may be instances where your keyboard starts to function abnormally slow. Your keyboard may not be at fault. However, heavy softwares and background processes can use up a lot of memory, leaving your whole computer to hang. The simple solution is to restart your system and analyse which software is the culprit.

Viruses: Another reason for your PC to act strange is the presence of malicious files. These files can slow down the input devices and leave an impression that your hardware is broken. Therefore, it is recommended to use premium versions of popular antiviruses. If the files are beyond repair, you will be left with only one option that is resetting your laptop.

Driver issue: Any hardware on your PC needs a driver to make it compatible with the system and OS. If you haven’t installed or updated your keyboard’s driver, there may be a high chance of keyboard malfunctioning. If you have done it correctly, please get your keyboard checked with a technician.

Who should use online keyboard testers?

Almost all of the keyboard testing software online are compatible with various operating systems and laptop brands. Therefore, anyone with a good internet connection can check their keyboard online. It doesn’t matter if you are a gamer, data entry personal, or a writer; simply anyone can test their keyboard online. Also, these softwares are a big help if you want to check your inventory of dozens of keyboards before deployment.

Additionally, the testing layout is based on a standard keyboard. Hence, you can check 95% of the keys or higher present on your keyboard.

Further, these softwares work efficiently not only with the laptop keyboard but also external keyboards attached via PS2 or USB.

Why online keyboard testing tools?

As established before, anyone can test their keyboard online. This saves time and money spent while visiting a technician for the check. Also, most of the problems related to software glitches can be resolved at home. But if the problem persists, we recommend you to visit a nearby electronic shop before it is too late for your keyboard and eventually the laptop.